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Iconic lion Kebbel believed poisoned

Male lion lying on rocky outcrop

Kebbel (‘XPL81’) © Inki Mandt

Activist and conservationists Izak Smit and Inki Mandt have revealed on Mandt’s Facebook page that:


“He has not been seen by us or known tour operators in the area or locals since the suspected poisoning of XPL 59, Einstein, the Hoanib Lioness and her three (or four) cubs around the fourth/fifth of June this year. It now dawns that Kebbel, or XPL 81, the iconic, beautiful, black maned adult Lion, who has sired most of the next generation of Lions in the Orowau, Haonib areas has also been poisoned at Kanamub, West of Sesfontein in Damaraland Namibia.

“Whether he was with Einstein and her cubs when they fed on a carcass laced with poison at Kanamub early June or whether he was poisoned afterwards is unclear at this stage and more information will be sought.

Kebbel the lion rose to fame in August this year when rumours surfaced that a hunting permit had been issued, a rumour denied by the Minister of Environment & Tourism, Mr Pohamba Shifta.

Details are sketchy and we will keep you informed as we find out more.

male lion in Namibia

© Inki Mandt

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  • Stephanieisaperson

    Gods forbid humans let anything other than themselves live on this planet.

  • Mike D

    Such a tragedy!!! The herdsmen in this area are nothing short of ruthless as few lions can survive in that vast wilderness. The musketeers provided hope for the future until they met untimely deaths at the hands of these herders. The government must step in and do more to protect these last great desert lions. RIP Kebbel. You did not deserve to die such an undignified death.

  • Denine Mishoe

    Again and again and again and the officals of the country do NOTHING to stop this!!!
    God damn them all to hell for their lack of action! Those lazy-ass farmers that WON’T use the technology taught and provided to them free of cost should all be poisoned too!! Why can’t these morons get it through their heads that a REAL man would use everything he can to protect his livestock – not have to go through all the extra work of hunting down and murdering a lion after he has already lost his cow/goat. Murdering the lion doesn’t bring that cow back – LAZY! LAZY!

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