Elephant-back riding awaits baby elephants at Dubai zoo

According to a YouTube video hosted by Show Me Dubai, the five wild baby elephants recently captured on a Namibian game reserve and heading for a new Dubai zoo, Dubai Safari Park, will be subjected to elephant-back riding.

Elephant-back riding has been widely condemned because of the “taming” required to convert wild elephants into subservient human taxis, often by way of harsh and cruel techniques – including beatings, painful physical restraints and the withholding of water and food and in order to force the animals to submit to human dominance.

This screen-grab from the video confirms the planned elephant-back riding:

zoo, safari park, Dubai, elephant

Meanwhile, top wildlife protection organisations have jointly called for the Swedish-owned game reserve in Namibia to stop the selling of the five baby elephants to the Dubai zoo. The request was made in a personal letter to Mr. Johan Hansen, the CEO of Swedish company Ittur Industrier AB which owns Eden Game Farm in Namibia.

The letter was sent by Humane Society International and co-signed by a long list of eminent wildlife protection organisations.

zoo, safari park, Dubai, elephant

The safari park in its final stages of construction. Source: Time Out Dubai

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  • Caroline Schulze

    Can’t we forbid the transport of ellies out of Africa.

    • Herp Derp

      herp de derp

  • michael chait


  • Judy Thorpe

    Another sad story of wild baby elephants being captive for the rest of their lives. They will never be with their herd again and never to roam the wild plains free.

  • Susie

    Not satisfied with killing for Ivory, now they want to destroy their babies lives.
    I despair of the human race. All use of wildlife for human entertainment should be prohibited. Live and let live in freedom.

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