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A crowned eagle that killed a chihuahua pekingese cross in the upmarket Pietermaritzburg suburb of Clarendon on Wednesday continues to prowl the skies over the area.


The bird swooped on the dog in Adele Hudson’s garden in the early morning as she was preparing to feed her pets.

“Little Nooi [little girl] actually belongs to my father, and was my mother’s dog before [my mother] passed away, so it was a very special animal to us. [My dad] would come and drop the dog at my house because he works during the day,” she said in an interview with News24.

“My dad dropped Little Nooi here and I was in the kitchen getting ready to feed them all, when my little Yorkie started barking and going berserk. I walked outside to see what the commotion was about and I saw this large bird over the dog. It was mottled and was big enough to come up to my waist,” she said.

“I thought the bird was going to fly away, but it just stood there with the dog in its clutches and its wings hunched over it. It was there long enough that I could go inside to get my cellphone and take a picture.”

“Eventually some of the boarders that live on my property approached it with a towel to try and scare it off. It flew away and left Little Nooi behind,” Hudson added.

“My dad is understandably very upset. The dog was dear to him and my mother.”

Hudson said that she remains on edge, and has seen the raptor several times since.

Concerned for the safety of her own dogs, she now watches the sky like a hawk.

“It was flying around this morning [Thursday] and came back to my garden… a couple of times. I think it might have seen my Yorkie, so I am really worried and on edge now.”


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