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Big cat secrets to staying awesome

There is no doubt that African big cats make up some of our most impressive predators. From the maned ‘king of the jungle’, to the elusive leopard, and the fast-as-lightning cheetah, these feline beauties have precious reputations to live up to. 

Their secret methods of upholding an immaculate appearance for their paparazzi – while pulling off daring hunts and brave fights – have been recorded more than once. A daily training routine seems to emerge over and over and, we have some talented photographers to thank for revealing 6 of their best kept secrets to staying awesome.

1. Stretch every morning

A favourite yoga position of the big cat is ‘down dog ‘ (in this case down cat).


© Hendri Venter (left) and © Carole Deschumere (right)

However, injuries do occur when this is practised over-enthusiastically.

2. Master the art of camouflage

Big cats like to sneak up on their prey in long African grasses, where they blend in perfectly…


© Alison Buttigieg Photography (left) and © Carole Deschumere (right)

…and, when the surroundings offer no grasses to hide in, they get creative.

Photo taken in Chitabe by Brendon Cremer

© Brendon Cremer

3. Never Cry

Stubbing a toe (or paw) really, really hurts.

Photo taken at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve by Wim Vorster Photography (www.wildwebafrica.com)

© Wim Vorster Photography

However big cats never, ever cry when they get hurt.

4. Pick a fight. . .

Photo by Marcus Westberg (Life through a Lens Photography)

© Marcus Westberg

Photo by Chad Cocking

© Chad Cocking

5 . . . and finish it

Kung Fu cub.

Fighting over the ladies, no doubt.

Mom is going to kill these 2 when they get home.

Photo at Phinda Game reserve by Andrew Schoeman Photography

© Andrew Schoeman Photography


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Hi, I'm Donna. I am fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time travelling all over the world and also some of Southern Africa. Currently I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Cape Town, and I'm enjoying every moment of being here. I love the outdoors, keeping active and I'm always on the lookout for a new adventure.

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