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Sharon Gilbert-Rivett (formerly van Wyk)

Africa and its wild places grabbed award-winning writer and film-maker Sharon Gilbert-Rivett (formerly van Wyk) when she was but a babe. Her family hauled her from the UK to Kenya when she was three, to South Africa when she was seven and what is now Zimbabwe when she was 11, before taking her back to Cambridge, the town of her birth, to be schooled. She was pushed into journalism in the early 1980s by her first boyfriend, rock guitarist Phil Collen of Def Leppard. "I used to write him long letters while he was on tour and he nagged me to turn pro, so I did," she says. Sharon returned to South Africa permanently in 1991, trading black leather for khaki and rock magazines for mainstream media. She now writes widely on conservation, eco-tourism, safari and travel and also makes natural history documentaries with her company, Painted Earth Productions.

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14 intrepid and slightly insane aquatic conservationists will swim across Lake Tanganyika to help conserve its incredible natural beauty and biodiversity.

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