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Whilst camping at Lake Chala we hiked the circumference of the old crater lake and literally walked into Kenya.

lake-chala-kenya lake-chala

We explored a dilapidated near abandoned old lodge on the Kenyan side of the lake. The guards told us a South African had committed suicide whilst building the lodge. It was very sad walking through what was going to be a very grand lodge, though there are plans to start the project again in early 2014.


The hike bought us a few days of feeling rather chuffed with ourselves and we relaxed at our camp, which had intermittent views of Mount Kilimanjaro in the early mornings before the clouds rolled in.


tanzania tanzania-views

The lake itself is green with algae in the winter months but is apparently clear for 20 metres in the summer time and we would love to come back and see this. It’s also the host to an endemic species of tilapia and one of the few places one can still enjoy in Tanzania where one does not have to pay exorbitant park or conservation fees.


We then moved on to Amboni Caves near Tanga, Tanzania. Local legend has it that people once used special tunnels deep in the cave to walk to Mombasa, Kenya. There were also reports of a European man and his dog that went exploring in the caves despite warnings from the locals not to take the dog with. The dog was later found near Kilimanjaro and the man was never seen again.

amboni-caves amboni-caves-tanzania


Patrick, Chloe and their Landcruiser have driven through 5 African countries over 6 months and traveled over 23 000 kms together. This African safari is the first leg of their journey around the world. They share a love for spontaneous adventures, cold beers and capturing life as it is with their cameras. Follow their adventures on their blog.