9 lions vs. 1 leopard


A young male leopard was recently attacked and killed by lion “Papa” and eight lionesses in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. When the team at the Uganda Carnivore Program arrived at this pride of lions they were met with an unusual sighting as the pride attacked a solitary leopard.


Each of the lions participated in the attack, and it was Papa who delivered the fatal bite. While rare to see in person, this competition exists. The team at the Uganda Carnivore Program also witnessed another lion killing a leopardess one night earlier this year as well as two incidences of a lion chasing after a leopard, with the leopards escaping both times.

Each of the lions participated in the attack of the leopard

Each of the lions participated in the attack of the leopard

Papa delivered the fatal bite

Papa delivered the fatal bite

Unfortunately this time it did not end well for the young adult leopard, and it is a reminder of the competition that exists among predators.

lions-kill-leopard lion-kills-leopard lion-and-leopard

Lions have an advantage over leopards both in length of stride and speed. The young leopard was likely not experienced enough to know he should have started his escape attempt earlier, especially against nine lions. The landscape is also fairly open in this area, with few thickets for the leopard to hide in.

Papa marking his territory after killing the leopard

Papa marking his territory after killing the leopard


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  • Aleksey

    Leopards often killed by other animals in these latter days. Hyena, wild dog, lion. I want to see: male leopard kill hyena or wild dog, adult male leopard vs male lion or lioness.

  • What a tragic incident! Lion are way bigger than Leopard even for fully grown male leopard. In this case it is small leopard so no chance to escape. Presence of male lion make it even more harder.
    I have seen videos where a single Male leopard fight back 4 lioness. Anyway, its sad incident , RIP

  • Poor little thing didn’t stand a chance… but that is nature simply playing out. Unfortunately, its not always a win – win.

  • I thought leopard’s, were elusive creatures, so sorry for the poor leopard, we call it the tyranny of lion numbers….too bad

  • tohela

    a leopard killed bij lions she/he is so small

  • S.w. Tsang

    Poor thing .

  • João Paulo Soares

    Did it take nine lions to kill one leopard?…It’s the gypsy tactics.

  • kuteesakwe david

    We appreciate your articles for they keep Africa safari lovers abreast with knowledge on the vast wildlife happenings in the various safari destinations of Africa.


  • God

    The inexperiece yoing male most probably panicked when seeing so many lions chasing him…and you are correct, leopards cant outrun a lioness in the open due to lioness able to run further in each stride

  • Ross Wind

    The smaller leopards are quicker (not faster runners) than lions and tigers. But
    sometimes, a lion is able to grip one and make the kill.

  • wassup

    OMG WHY DID THEY LIKE KILL IT?!!?!!?!??!?!

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