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I’ve often wondered whether lions originally came from another planet…

Why, you may ask? Well, my suspicions initially surfaced during my time as a guide in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa, when I spent many hours a day following and observing these creatures in their natural habitat.

Here are a few things I noticed:

1. They are too big

Just take a moment to compare a house cat and a male lion. The average house cat is 5-6 kg (10lbs). The average male lion is 193.3 kg (426.2 lbs). This discrepancy warrants huge suspicion. They are just too big to be related to cats.


2. Too social

Every other cat on the planet has evolved to be shy and solitary. Lions are neither; they congregate in prides of sometimes over 20 individuals. What are they plotting?


3. Too brutal

Unlike other felines, lions really are brutal animals when it comes to hunting. I once witnessed a pride of lions devour a Kudu bull in less than 10 minutes, 7 of which the animal was still alive. They are too brutal to be related to us mammals.


4. Too vocal

Their roaring is… indescribable.

I have no words to explain how it feels to be next to four male lions as they make their vocal mark on the land. Once the entire car was rattling from their vibrations. When compared to the meow of a cat, the yip of a cheetah or even the dull grunt of a leopard, one cant help but think the lion was designed elsewhere.

lion roars


5. Too clever

I know most cats could be described as cunning. But lions take cunning and strategy to a completely new level. Hunts are organised like military operations. For example: On the hunt there is usually a flanking team that will creep behind a prey animal with the objective of chasing the animal to a waiting ambush. Amazing to watch!


6. Too strong

I’ve seen lions take down buffalo, giraffe, hippos and even elephant. There is simply no animal in the bush that is safe.


7. Too sleepy

Lions have the strange habit of sleeping for at least 20 hours of the day. It does not matter who or what you are, if lions are tired, they will not move.


8. Too schitzo

Lazy and cuddlesome at one moment, and then agile, fast and deadly the next! I’d often wait hours in the evening to see this transformation happen.


9. Too clumsy

They do nothing that normal cats do. For example, they are terrible at climbing trees. If lions had evolved on this planet, they would have retained at least some tree-climbing knowledge. However, I’ve seen them try and it is not a pretty sight.


10. Too stuck up

On top of everything, lions are enormously arrogant.

Particularly the males. I’ve seen a full, fat lion stumble over the a buffalo carcass, chase the other animals away and flop down next to it, unable to fit another morsel into its stomach. On a road, most animals will try and avoid an approaching vehicle. But lions will stroll along a road as if they own it, and expect you to move out of the way.

Photo copyright Pete Oxford


Conclusion? Even though I may be wrong that lions are aliens, I think we can all agree that they are one of the most incredible, unique, majestic and entertaining of all the wild animal species on earth. Long may they last in the wild!

Have a look at the below videos showing a few more of their antics

Dramatic Territorial Battle Between Lions – Listen to those roars! Chilling!

Lion Attacks Vulture in Zebra Carcass – Why not just eat the Zebra?

Disclaimer: I do not believe that lions are aliens or came to being in any other way than evolution. Please do not too take seriously.
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