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Wild Frontiers

10 impossible loads made possible via African transport

Here are a few examples submitted to the popular Facebook page – Africa, this is why I live here.

He he… only in Africa.

1. Just a tip: If your car is facing upwards you may be overloaded.

Overloaded car Africa


2. This guy could start a taxi service

Funny Africa transport couch


3. Have a car? Why not carry a metal elephant…

Carry elephant in car


4. He’s doing one trip and one trip only!

matress packed on car in africa


5. The weight of all the plastic in the world on his shoulders!

carry too much plastic


6. The camera was not wide-angle enough to get it all…

big load in africa


7. Why does the driver get the only helmet?

family on motorbike in africa


8. If you thought you couldn’t put more than 5 people on a single motorbike, you were wrong.

family on motorbike in africa


9. Some use wheelbarrows, and others don’t.

carry brick on bike in africa


10. Who is driving this motorbike?

carry cow on bike in africa


Africa, this is why I live here

If you are delighted, amused, and amazed by the things you see, do and experience whilst living in (or visiting) Africa, feel free to share your photos and stories on our Facebook page.


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