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    • More than 2,033,565 loyal readers and followers

      Africa Geographic offers advertisers a network of online media channels to access and engage with our passionate community about Africa’s wildlife, people and travel.

      ♦ Banner Advertising

      Advertise in our online magazine – a weekly online periodical of discerning, carefully curated content.
      We also offer banner advertising on our blog website – a site that is updated minute by minute with blog posts, news, imagery and travel information.

      ♦ Newsletter

      Our weekly newsletter focuses on the latest magazine issue as well as our most popular blog posts for the past week.

      ♦ ROCK STAR Content Marketing

      Our ROCK STAR Content Marketing kit is a tool for lodges and travel agents/operators to engage with our audience on a more personal level through content creation for our social media platforms.


      Creating a digital marketing strategy with Africa Geographic

      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements email Adie or Advertising.

    • More than 2,033,565 loyal readers and followers

      ♦ Magazine

      Our iconic weekly online magazine has carefully curated content that gets to the heart of Africa. Our contributors vary from travelling bloggers to seasoned researchers, the world’s best photographers and of course user-generated content. All of our content can be viewed on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

      Our weekly online magazine is published four times a month and offers space for both large and small weekly banner ad placements.

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      ♦ Blog

      Our blog page is updated regularly with multiple new posts per day and offers both leaderboard and sideboard banner ad placements, as well as rotating adverts within each post.

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      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements email Adie or Advertising.

    • More than 2,033,565 loyal readers and followers

      We send a weekly email newsletter featuring links to our best content on both the online magazine and blog to opted-in recipients. The newsletter is very well received and drives high value customers to our website.

      We offer an exclusive banner advert within each newsletter, linking to your website page of choice.

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      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements email Adie or Advertising.

    • More than 2,033,565 loyal readers and followers

      ROCK STAR content marketing is an affordable way to generate travel leads and build your brand in the eyes of travellers by getting your content to our worldwide community.

      What is ROCK STAR?

      ROCK STAR is a content marketing tool for lodges. Travellers use multiple resources to plan and book their holidays and take travel inspiration and advice from their friends via social media. Our ROCK STAR Content Marketing kit is about getting good content (YOURS) to a large, relevant and engaged audience (OURS).

      Become a ROCK STAR

      Download our Become a ROCK STAR PDF for more information.

      1. What is it all about?

      ROCK STARS use their photos and video clips to build their brand in the eyes of our large and engaged audience, and to generate bookings. It’s affordable and easy to do, once you get the hang of it.

      2. Why Africa Geographic?

      We have the largest and most engaged online audience in the world of focused Africa fanatics and travellers – across our online magazine, blog and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram).

      3. How it works

      You send us your photos and video clips, along with a brief description. Our team assesses each for likely appeal to our audience and we then upload, publish and market your photos and videos on our social media platforms. We also consider the photos for galleries on our blog or online magazine.

      4. Why photos and video clips?

      Humans are a visually-driven species – great photos and video clips catch the eye and generate engagement. Every photo and video clip tells a story – it’s up to you to get your photos and video clips telling your stories to the world.

      5. Digital expertise

      By putting your photos and video clips through our editorial and publishing process, you get to benefit from our years of experience in this space and to maximise your ROI. You also generate search engine and social media algorithm benefits via linking and tagging.

      6. High standards

      Our large audience trusts our editorial process, which is why we are able to achieve high engagement. The emphasis is on high quality, low volume. Photos and video clips that do not meet our standards will not be published. This is survival of the fittest, in digital form!

      7. How to find good photos and video clips

      Our most successful ROCK STARS source photos and video clips from their guides and guests. Sourcing excellent photos and video clips is probably your most important marketing exercise.

      8. Benefits to you

      AG’s community manager will help guide you every step of the way, showing you how to package your content in the best way possible. It’ll be like having your own in-house editorial team and a ready-made audience to give your business that extra boost in online exposure.

      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements email Adie or Advertising.

    • More than  2,033,565 loyal readers and followers

      “We have seen fantastic return on investment through various campaigns we have run on Africa Geographic’s social media platforms and the Africa Geographic blog. Offering access to an extensive global market, much brand awareness has been achieved with our own social media platforms seeing a bump in followers and engagement during and after each campaign. In addition to this brand awareness, we have also received various booking enquiries. We certainly see our relationship with Africa Geographic as a long-term and beneficial one.”
      – ROB BAIRD, of Prestige Communication on behalf of Tanda Tula (Content Marketing Kit, newsletter and banner advertising)

      “Zulu Waters made the decision to advertise with Africa Geographic as we felt that it had the perfect target audience for our lodge and reserve. We took out a 3 month campaign for an advert in the online magazine and a leaderboard banner on the website. We are delighted with the results of the campaign and as a result took out a further 3 months of advertising. Enquiries for accommodation have tripled and we are experiencing our busiest holiday season to date which I am sure is related to our exposure through Africa Geographic.”
      – LESLEY TERWIN, Office and Lodge Manager, Zulu Waters Game Reserve (Newsletter and banner advertising)

      “I run digital marketing campaigns for numerous safari lodge clients around Southern Africa and am thrilled with the partnership and exposure opportunities I have found in Africa Geographic for them. I highly recommend a content marketing kit partnership with Africa Geographic to each of them as an effective and extremely rewarding means of getting their ‘real feel’, character and experiences they offer portrayed to a very relevant and travel-interested readership. To be associated with the reputation of Africa Geographic is just one of the perks to a partnership. I simply adore the publications and platforms managed by Africa Geographic but as a traveller and Africa-lover myself I see the incredible content shared by Africa Geographic as being its most valuable asset. The content is just fantastic and for real safari lodges to be able to share their stories through that Africa Geographic content is simply priceless. Each month that we share lodge content on the Africa Geographic platforms, we see interested referral visits come to our websites as a result and enjoy interacting with potential future guests and fellow Africa-lovers over social media interaction created too. Contact and direct channel communication with the readers is afforded through partnering with Africa Geographic. It is a great way to market to our target audience authentically and through sharing, which is a refreshing method which works so well in our industry.”
      – KELLY ROBERTSON, Head Digital Marketing Strategist, WildWeb (Content Marketing Kit)

      “Mid-way through 2014 Onephotography Photo Safaris looked into various ways of getting its content from its website and out to the public. After searching through various options it was decided to sign up for Africa Geographic’s Content Marketing Kit. It was one of the best decisions as the kit allows OnePhotography to connect directly with a specific target audience, one that would appreciate good photography and search for the next ideal travel location. Since signing on OnePhotography’s posts through Africa Geographic have reached over 800,000 people on social media with additional exposure coming through their online magazine and blog. It has been a fantastic learning experience working with the Africa Geographic team and inquiries are on the rise due to the excellent exposure provided.”
      – JOHN DE JAGER – Owner, Onephotography Photo Safaris (Content Marketing Kit)

    • More than  2,033,565 loyal readers and followers

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