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Mana Pools National Park


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Mana Pools National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled between the Zambezi River to the north and the Zambezi Escarpment to the south. The name ‘Mana’ comes from the Shona word for ‘four’, in reference to the four largest oxbow lakes in the park that attract wildlife throughout the year.

Mana Pools encompasses 22,000km2 (220,000 hectares) of riverine forest, floodplains and mixed woodland; plus the many islands, channels and sandbanks on the Zambezi River. Away from the river, at the foot of the escarpment is Chitake Springs - a remote and truly wild safari experience. Surrounding Mana Pools are further protected areas that in total amount to almost 1,7m hectares of unfenced wilderness.

Only a small area of the park is covered by the road network; the rest can only be explored on foot or by canoe. Mana is the only national park in Africa with large dangerous wildlife where you can walk without a guide.

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Why us

Why us

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