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We so often focus on the exciting creatures rivers attract that we forget about the animals in and under the water. It was a lazy afternoon floating on the Chobe River with great herds of elephant and buffalo meandering down to the river to drink.


While photographing the elephants, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared beside the boat as the skipper declared he had caught a fish. It appears a crocodile had the same fish in mind.  It all happened so quickly, the crocodile rose slightly out of the water and I could see a big catfish in his mouth. Then he disappeared for a moment of calm, that was beginning to feel like an anti-climax.

Crocodile-Chobe-River Croc-Cat-Fish-River Crocodile-&-Cat-Fish-#2-(1-of-1) Crocodile-CatFish-jaws-Chobe

Before coming up again with vengeance: jaws thrashing; head shaking, tsunami splashing and fish guts flying everywhere. Once again the crocodile sunk down into the depths of the Chobe with our fish or his fish – it wasn’t a negotiation anymore. The boat just floated with a motionless crew. When the prehistoric predator rose for the final time behaving like a meat incinerator just to ensure the catfish was completely dead.

Botswana-Crocodile-CatFish-guts Botswana-Crocodile-Cat-Fish Crocodile-hunting-splash Crocodile-Chobe

The air was electric, I had never seen this before. In the process the head of the catfish came off and out of  nowhere a fish eagle, a silent spectator, flew into the scene and retrieved the fish head. It was so quick that I only managed to get the part where he flew away with the head in his claws. He flew up into a tree next to the river where he ate his dinner. The croc had swallowed his fishy snack and disappeared into the deceivingly calm waters of the Chobe River. 

Fish-Eagle-Cat-Fish-Chobe Corlette-Wessels-Eagle-Cat-Fish-Chobe Fish-eagle-Cat-Fish
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Corlette Wessels

As a child my father used to take photo's of almost everything and that is where my passion for photography started. Then my husband gave me my first camera, a Minolta that changed my life. As my interest grew in photography, I upgraded to new and better equipment. I hope my shots elicit an emotional response in the viewer. My favourite place in the world is the Kgalagadi. To me this place just has some magic in its bones and many of my photos, as well as much of my blog content, is born there. This deep connection to the animals and bush, is quite simply the love of my life. My hope is that you will feel my deep love and respect for animals and nature through my photographs and in reading some of my blogs you can experience a little what I see when I am out there, doing the thing I love most. You can read more on my adventures and see more of my photography on my website