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Hyenas kill a leopard

Written by: Steve Walker

So this is something I have never seen before. I felt very intrigued and horrified at the same time. I was in the Timbavati Private Game Reserve and this is what I gathered was happening from what I heard on the radio:

There was a battle between two of the top predators with casualties on both sides. A young male leopard killed a young hyena and took it up a marula tree. For some reason the leopard then came down the tree to face off against two fully grown hyenas. The rest of the clan soon joined them and attacked the leopard; grabbing it by the tail and dragging it through the bush. It all ended with they hyenas ripping the leopard to shreds.

I arrived at the grisly scene at the point where the hyenas were eating the leopard.

hyena-eat-leopard hyena-eating-leopard hyena-eats-leopard hyena-kills-leopard

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  • michael chait

    What a lucky chance, thanks.

  • Wendy0210

    Oh my that is an amazing sighting, but a very sad one. :'(

  • Diane Anderson

    I would have hoped for the leapard’s survival, incredibly sad ending for sure.

  • Sighting like the always leave you wondering. What’s the before story?

    It’s a tough thing to witness, but it does help to show just how underestimated hyenas can be!

    • S.w. Tsang

      Who would ever underestimate any gang v.s, lonely one unless that one is superman or Spider-Man ! Just a cat weighting less than one hyenas . Even a group do old ladies can fend off a man if the old folks unit & attack as one !

      • True. It is unusual for the leopard to have been caught up like that in the first place.

        In nature fair fighting is rarely the way things go down. But I have seen some incredible feats by hyena, where on a number of occasions we found Oryx run down and eventually killed by just one spotted.

        Anyway, it isn’t good or bad, just interesting.

  • Chris Voets

    Wondering if the leopard was still young and relatively inexperienced? They usually know just to “wait it out” in a tree until the hyenas get bored and go away.

    • S.w. Tsang

      U may be right . He was young & I get he was a new comer & did not any thing about these locals

  • S.w. Tsang

    What a foolish thing to do other than his being young & male ! Sad of course for his death since he was young & heathy . With their number declining all over Africa , losing one is one too many. Plus hate to see any animal die like this by a clan of hyenas tearing him apart instead of killing him by one choke bite as leopards do with prey

  • S.w. Tsang

    Two against one , besides hyena out weight a leopard any way . So that is what happen if one is against 2 larger competitors or enemies . It is like 2 frown men against a woman. Who will win ? No contest .

  • Bryn Kebaabetswe Mmusi

    I like it when the hyenas are the ones that have killed a leopard because most of the the time the leopard is the one that kills majority of the animals.

  • Incredible…don’t thing I’ve ever seen one of the Big Cats get taken apart like that by hyenas. How big is a leopard anyway? I know that a female lion could’ve fought off those two hyenas, and a male maybe 5 or even ten hyenas.

  • dollarbill4life

    The leopard was likely already dead. Two hyenas cannot kill a fully-grown male leopard that easily. Hell, lions have a hard time doing it.

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