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    • Advertising Client Testimonials

      “We have seen fantastic return on investment through various campaigns we have run on Africa Geographic’s social media platforms and the Africa Geographic blog. Offering access to an extensive global market, much brand awareness has been achieved with our own social media platforms seeing a bump in followers and engagement during and after each campaign. In addition to this brand awareness, we have also received various booking enquiries. We certainly see our relationship with Africa Geographic as a long-term and beneficial one.”

      ROB BAIRD,
      of Prestige Communication on behalf of Tanda Tula

      “Zulu Waters made the decision in October 2014 to advertise with Africa Geographic as we felt that it had the perfect target audience for our lodge and reserve. We took out a 3 month campaign for an inStory advert in the online magazine and a leaderboard banner on the website for December. We are delighted with the results of the campaign so far and as a result taken out a further 3 months of advertising. Enquiries for accommodation have tripled in the last 2 months and we are experiencing our busiest December holiday season to date which I am sure is related to our exposure through AG.”

      Office and Lodge Manager, Zulu Waters Game Reserve

      Media Channels

      Africa Geographic offers advertisers a network of online media channels to access and engage with a community that is passionate about Africa’s wildlife, people and travel:

      1: Africa Geographic magazine, a weekly online periodical of discerning, carefully curated content that draws on the best practice inherited from our award-winning print magazine heritage.

      2: Africa Geographic website, updated minute by minute with blog posts, news, imagery and travel information.

      Both channels are free to view and compatible with all screen sizes of smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

      Target Audience and Reader Profile

      Our primary target market comprises well-educated, caring people who share our passion for the wonders of Africa and travel frequently. They include captains of industry, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers and architects, as well as professional conservationists and academics. Many are ardent photographers.
      Our readers care about the wildlife, environment and cultures that make up our continent. They are responsive and want to be inspired and informed to help conservation efforts and move Africa forward.

      LSM (Living Standard Measure): 10+

      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements:
      1. South African agencies and clients:

      2. International agencies and clients:

      3. Travel Trade:

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      What do our readers say?

      “Never seen such a digital magazine! The music and the images make you calm and fill you up with energy. I want to go……”
       -Niko Moerman, Netherlands
      “Outstanding articles and photography.”
       – Lisa Chambers
      “Brings me so close to nature, very informative topics, I have learnt a lot.”
      - Heather Robb Loubser 
      “I am a huge fan. Africa Geographic is simply wonderful – an opportunity to travel throughout Africa all year round.”
      - Vincent Andrews, USA
      “Just wonderful – from a South African on the French Riviera who’s now terribly homesick!  A superb magazine – congratulations!”
      - Gilly Lloyd, French Riviera
      “We love your stories about Africa’s wildlife – can’t wait for our next visit.”
      - Caroline Atkinson, UK
      “Thank you for a magazine that keeps Africa alive for me for the 50 weeks a year I can”t be there!” 
      - Gautam Kaji, USA

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      Africa Geographic’s website content is curated minute by minute from a variety of news sources as well as wildlife professionals, scientists, photographers, tour operators and travellers who share their experiences and expertise in this, the world’s largest online travel, wildlife, culture and travel hub for Africa.

      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements:
      1.  South African agencies and clients:

      2.  International agencies and clients:

      3. Travel Trade:



    • Online Magazine

      Our weekly online magazine focuses on the more extraordinary aspects of natural history, culture and travel, enhanced by spectacular photography, inspiring articles and insightful interviews. We analyse the difficult issues as well as celebrate the biggest, cutest, cuddliest and scariest animals on the planet, the most amazing communities and cultures, and the heroes who do incredible things to ensure that we can all share in the wonders of Africa.
      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements:

      1. South African agencies and clients:
      2. International agencies and clients:
      3. Travel Trade:


    • Monthly Newsletter


      We send a weekly email newsletter featuring links to our best content to 30,631+ opted-in recipients. The newsletter is very well received and drives large numbers of viewers to our web site. We offer an exclusive banner advert on the newsletter, linking to your online destination of choice. Limited to one banner advert per newsletter.

      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements:
      1.  South African agencies and clients:

      2.  International agencies and clients:
      3. Travel Trade:

    • Multiple platform campaigns

      “Hybrid” is when your campaign includes more than one platform / channel, often with degrees of customisation.

      This could be as simple as selecting two or more of our advertising options and running them simultaneously or it could mean working with us to create a bespoke campaign designed for your special needs.

      Traditional web site and online magazine banner advertising campaigns combine extremely effectively with well-crafted blog posts and social media activations.

      For rates and to discuss your personal requirements:
      1.  South African agencies and clients:

      2.  International agencies and clients:

      3. Travel Trade:

    • Content Marketing Kit

      Content marketing for the travel trade.
      Your opportunity to reach more than 1,300,674 Africa travellers

      We have an effective and affordable way to generate travel leads and build your brand in the eyes of travellers by getting YOUR content to OUR community of African travellers emanating from the United States, United Kingdom, mainland Europe, South Africa and many other regions.

      “I run digital marketing campaigns for numerous safari lodge clients around Southern Africa and am thrilled with the partnership and exposure opportunities I have found in Africa Geographic for them.

      I highly recommend a content marketing kit partnership with Africa Geographic to each of them as an effective and extremely rewarding means of getting their “real feel”, character and experiences they offer portrayed to a very relevant and travel-interested readership.

      To be associated with the reputation of Africa Geographic is just one of the perks to a partnership. I simply adore the publications and platforms managed by Africa Geographic but as a traveller and Africa-lover myself I see the incredible content shared by Africa Geographic as being its most valuable asset. The content is just fantastic and for real safari lodges to be able to share their stories through that Africa Geographic content is simply priceless.

      Each month that we share lodge content on the Africa Geographic platforms, we see interested referral visits come to our websites as a result and enjoy interacting with potential future guests and fellow Africa-lovers over social media interaction created too. Contact and direct channel communication with the readers is afforded through partnering with Africa Geographic. It is a great way to market to our target audience authentically and through sharing, which is a refreshing method which works so well in our industry.”

      Head Digital Marketing Strategist, WildWeb.

      Why Content Marketing?
      Travellers use multiple resources to plan and book their holidays, from online media such as magazines, blogs, apps and social media to devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Increasingly they take travel inspiration and advice from their friends via social media. If you are not regularly engaging with them on those platforms and devices you simply aren’t relevant to them.

      To get your content to travellers you should team up with trusted media partners with large and relevant audiences. Africa Geographic has earned this trust after more than 20 years of publishing reliable content, practising what we preach and delivering on our promises. We don’t promise the world, but we do promise to filter through the chaos and deliver an audience that loves and travels to Africa. We are proud to say that we have the largest and most active online audience of Africa enthusiasts in the world.

      So how does it work?
      It’s about getting good content (YOURS) to a large, relevant and engaged audience (OURS). You email your suggested blog posts to us and we do the rest.

      You provide the content for the blog posts in the form of stories, useful information, pictures, video and we publish it on our media platforms, delivering it to the right people (travellers to Africa) in a form that suits their habits, needs and expectations as they gather travel inspiration and information. Its up to you to write the blog posts and its up to us to edit, optimise and publish.

      We provide detailed advice and assistance to you if you don’t have writing or blogging experience. Depending on the quality and type of your content as submitted by you to us, we may choose to publish it in our social media, blog and/or online magazine – and we will notify you accordingly.

      In addition, we provide a regular newsletter with examples and advice. In other words we show you how to make the most of your content and we give your content wings!


      • - $70 / R770 per month (12 months)
      • - $95 / R1,045 per month (6 months)

      (per establishment or agency/operator)


      • - Prices exclude VAT, if applicable
      • - Minimum contract period of 6 months
      • - Payment: Once-off payment, upfront – via Paypal or telegraphic transfer
      • - Owners of multiple establishments contact us for a volume discount
      • - There is no limit to the number of posts you can submit for consideration

      For enquiries email us here.

      Success Story
      “Mid-way through 2014 Onephotography Photo Safaris looked into various ways of getting its content from its website and out to the public. After searching through various options it was decided to sign up for Africa Geographic’s content marketing kit. It was one of the best decisions as the kit allows OnePhotography to connect directly with a specific target audience, one that would appreciate good photography and search for the next ideal travel location. Since signing on OnePhotography’s posts through Africa Geographic have reached over 800,000 people on social media with additional exposure coming through their online magazine and blog. It has been a fantastic learning experience working with the Africa Geographic team and inquiries are on the rise due to the excellent exposure provided.”
      John de Jager – owner, Onephotography Photo Safaris

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