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      Africa Geographic strives to be the voice of Africa. We provide the means for people to immerse themselves in the wonders of the continent, share their own experiences and engage with those who share their passion.

      We have a community of more than 655 000 loyal readers across all our media channels.  Research tells us that our readers are highly educated, travel frequently and live comfortable lifestyles. We offer a variety of ways to engage with our community through traditional advertising, blogs, newsletters and social media or combinations of these strategies. To find out more click the tabs on this page or email us here.

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      What do our readers say?

      “Never seen such a digital magazine! The music and the images make you calm and fill you up with energy. I want to go……”
       -Niko Moerman, Netherlands

      “Outstanding articles and photography.”
       - Lisa Chambers

      “Brings me so close to nature, very informative topics, I have learnt a lot.”
      - Heather Robb Loubser 

      “I am a huge fan. Africa Geographic is simply wonderful – an opportunity to travel throughout Africa all year round.”
      - Vincent Andrews, USA

      “Just wonderful – from a South African on the French Riviera who’s now terribly homesick!  A superb magazine – congratulations!”
      - Gilly Lloyd, French Riviera

      “We love your stories about Africa’s wildlife – can’t wait for our next visit.”
      - Caroline Atkinson, UK

      “Thank you for a magazine that keeps Africa alive for me for the 50 weeks a year I can’t be there!” 
      - Gautam Kaji, USA

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      Online advertising

      Visitors to our blogs make up the bulk of our web site visitors.  We publish blog posts on a daily basis with stories and news that ensures constant and loyal readership

      We offer banner adverts on our web site – linking to the online destination of choice – and charge our advertising clients based on the number of times the web page displaying the banner is viewed (the CPM method – cost per thousand impressions).

      Rates and dimensions:

      1.  Leaderboard banner

      (for an example see the advertising banner running across the top of this page)

      Rate:  R450 plus VAT per thousand page impressions

      Dimensions: 600px wide by 116px high

      2.  Sideboard banner


      Standard:  R300 plus VAT per thousand page impressions

      Dimensions: 258px wide by 516px high

      Subject to a minimum monthly charge of R10,000 plus VAT

      For web site advertising enquiries email us here.

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      We send a weekly email newsletter featuring links to our best online content to 25,364 opted-in recipients. The newsletter is very well received, and drives large numbers of viewers to our web site.

      We offer an exclusive banner advert on the newsletter, linking to your online destination of choice. This opportunity is limited to one banner advert per newsletter.

      Rates and dimensions:

      Leaderboard banner (as per the example above)

      Rate: R5,000 plus VAT per weekly newsletter

      Dimensions: 420px wide by 88px high

      For newsletter banner advertising enquiries email us here.

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      Multiple platform campaigns

      “Hybrid” is when your campaign includes more than one platform / channel, often with degrees of customisation.

      This could be as simple as selecting two or more of our advertising options and running them simultaneously or it could mean working with us to create a bespoke campaign designed for your special needs.

      Traditional web site banner advertising campaigns combine extremely effectively with well-crafted blog posts and social media activations.

      For hybrid campaign enquiries email us here.

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      Travel Marketing Kit

      Social content marketing for the travel trade. Give your content wings.

      Your opportunity to reach more than 655,000 Africa travellers

      Your Travel Marketing Kit consists of two tools:

      • - A listing on our Special Places directory, where our large and loyal community research and plan their travels.
      • - The opportunity to engage directly with our community and with our online editorial team and to learn about marketing in the online+social+mobile space, where your target market now plans their travels.

      Travellers now use multiple resources to gather information and make their travel plans, from media such as magazines, blogs, apps and social media to devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  If you are not engaging with them in those media ecosystems and on those devices you don’t exist for them.  And in addition it’s STILL all about trust.  Africa Geographic has earned this trust after more than 20 years of providing reliable content, practising what we preach and delivering on our promises.  We won’t promise our travel trade colleagues the world, but we do promise to filter the chaos and deliver people that love and travel to Africa.

      So how does it work?

      Our Travel Marketing Kit offers the travel trade marketers a very cost-effective way to engage with a large, growing and passionate international community, to put heads into beds and to market your brand to the world.  It’s about using good content – yours – and a large, growing, engaged audience – ours.  It’s about how travellers are now accessing travel information and how we help you get your brand and product to them.

      You provide the content (we can assist) and we make sure it gets to the right people (travellers to Africa) in a form that suits their media habits (online+social+mobile).  We may choose to present your content as blog posts, social media posts and/or useful information included in Africa Geographic magazine’s articles – the form will depend on the quality and type of content you have access to.

      We work with you to source good content and we create the blog posts for you.  And we provide a newsletter with tips and advice.  In other words we show you how to make the most of your content and we give your content wings!

      Get your message to travellers on a weekly, daily, hourly basis.  Team up with us and we’ll show you how!

      Packages and Pricing

      Owners of multiple establishments please contact us for a tailored proposal.

      We have 3 packages to suit your budget and content resource:

      1. Light

      $30 / R330 per month (12 months)
      $40 / R440 per month (6 months)

      2. Standard

      $70 / R770 per month (12 months)
      $95 / R1,045 per month (6 months)

      • - Listing in Special Places, our online travel directory
      • - Unlimited content creation and marketing as described above, subject only to Africa Geographic editorial standards and edits, which vary according to media platform (social / blog / magazine)
      • - Free listing in our Charities listing of your own community or conservation project

      3. Heavy

      $100 / R1,100 per month (12 months)
      $136 / R1,496 per month (6 months)

      - Listing in Special Places, our online travel directory

      - Unlimited content creation and marketing as described above, subject only to Africa Geographic editorial standards and edits, which vary according to media platform (social / blog / magazine)

      - Free listing in our Charities listing of your own community or conservation project

      - Priority placement in the Special places directory. In other words your establishment/product will appear before others in a search using the search filters


      • - Prices exclude VAT (not applicable if you are outside of South Africa)
      • - Minimum contract period of 6 months
      • - Payment options: Once-off payment, upfront
      • - Automatic contract renewal beyond the initial term will occur unless you provide us with a two-month notice of termination, in whichcase the contract will expire after the initial term
      • - Special Places members to provide all material for advertisements and blog posts. Blog posts must be in line with our Blogging
      • Rules and Blogging Guidelines. We reserve the right to edit all posts and to refuse posts that don’t meet required standards.

      For enquiries email us here.

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