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#EpicAfrica – 60 seconds of magic

#EpicAfrica is a series of 60-second video clips of pure magic and awesomeness! Made by US, from a selection of short unedited video clips provided by YOU. Read more to find out how to submit your short video clips.

You can be a part of this celebration, by sending your short clips for possible inclusion in an #EpicAfrica video.

Send us your short clips of the most memorable experience that you had somewhere in Africa, and we might include them in #EpicAfrica. Remember that we are looking for those totally awesome moments when Africa shows off, where she gets under your skin. The best short clips submitted by you, plus our 60 second #EpicAfrica edited videos, will be uploaded on this page and to our Youtube, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Video submission requirements:
• Submissions to For files larger than 5MB send via WeTransfer;

• Video clips should be a maximum of 60 seconds, preferably shorter;
MP4 format only.

• By submitting video clips to us you claim to be the copyright owner, and you authorise us to edit the clip/s according to our needs, and add our own logo plus sponsor logos. You also authorise us to utilise your video clip for whatever purpose we require, relating to this #EpicAfrica campaign;

• Include original audio, no soundtrack to be added;

• Please remove watermarks and logos;

• No shaky and blurry videos;

• The file’s caption must include your name, for inclusion in the credits at the end;

Our selection process is final and not subject to negotiation.

Keep the passion 🙂