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Stephan Welz & Co, one of South Africa’s top auction houses, has decided to include two wildlife photographs by Hannes Lochner for auction in October for the first time. Hannes Lochner is the runner up of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 and 2012 competition. Out of the 40 000 plus international entrants, his below images have garnered international success.


The above photograph was taken by Hannes Lochner and titled Curiosity and the Cat taken in 2012 in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It was taken one evening near a waterhole. The camera was hidden from the pride of lions that arrived and by repeatedly clicking the shutter, he coaxed the curious cubs towards it, until one individual gazed into the lens as it sniffed the camera. All the settings were on manual and he had pre-focused so he could only hope that the lighting and angle had been judged correctly to achieve this intimate portrait. 

The photograph on auction is a once off print. It comes together with a letter of authenticity by the photographer. The estimate is R25 000 – R45 000. This image won the joint runner up award in the category Animal Portraits at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 competition, which are the most prestigious awards in wildlife photography. 


The above picture Lion by Lightning was taken in 2012 in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park on the South African side at night. This young male seemed unconcerned with the dramatic lightning that was going on in the background. The photograph on auction is also a once off print. The estimate is R25 000 – R45 000. This image won the runner up award in the category Animals in their Environment at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 competition. 

10% of the proceeds achieved for these photographs will be donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) for their African Wild Dog Project (part of their Carnivore Conservation Programme). This will go towards the protection of these beautiful carnivores.

Viewing is open to the public and takes place from Wednesday 22 October until Sunday 26 October between 9am and 5pm at The Great Cellar, Alphen Estate, Alphen Drive, Constantia, Cape Town where all items on the sale are displayed for people to come and have a look at and enjoy. Interested buyers have the opportunity to engage with staff and ask any questions regarding the photographs.

The auction will then take place on Tuesday 28 October at the same premises and is open to the public. The photographs by Hannes Lochner will be in auctioned off in the evening session which starts at 6pm. There are 3 ways in which to bid. 1) being present in the room, 2) telephone bidding, 3) absentee bidding.

Curiosity and the Cat is lot 403 and Lion by Lightning is lot 404.

See more images from Hannes Lochner in our online magazine here.

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