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Written by: Andrew Schoeman

I have always wanted to capture the landscape of Namibia on camera so I started planning my journey. During my research I discovered that a small town called Aus lies en route from Keetmanshoop to Luderitz. About a further 15km outside of Aus, you can find the Garub Waterhole, which is famous for its wild horses.

namibia's wild horse

I was intrigued to see Namibia’s wild horses so I decided to work this stop into my trip. Over the years the horses have adapted to living freely in the harsh conditions of the Namib desert, and their numbers fluctuate between about 80 and 150 individuals depending on the annual rainfall.

namibia's wild horse

After a few hours of driving from Keetmanshoop, we approached the Garub Waterhole. I would have been happy to catch a glimpse of just one or two wild horses but, as we got closer to the waterhole, we saw a large herd scattered around the drinking trough.

namibia's wild horse

We counted 67 animals in total, and we spent the next hour observing the horses and their interactions with each other. The horses allowed me near enough to take some great photos, and I could move around quite freely without scaring any of the animals away.

For more information on the wild horse read: Wild Horses of the Namib

namibia's wild horse namibia's wild horse

Seeing these wild horses made for a lovely break on the way to Luderitz.

namibia's wild horse

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