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We’ve been seeing an elephant cow and her two calves around the camp for the past two weeks, a welcoming sight always as they come into camp to feed at night. However we noticed the other day that she has somehow managed to get a cast iron brake drum stuck around her back left leg. So the Ecotraining team decided to come to the rescue!


It is always a difficult decision to get involved in the health of our wildlife, too much human interference is not always the best solution, but since this was a human caused wound, we decided we must do something! So finally this morning the DWNP (Department of Wildlife and National Park) were able to come into camp and dart the cow successfully removing the drum from her back left leg.


We can’t commend all the people enough, it was such a slick and professional operation. It worked like clockwork from start to finish and the elephant cow woke up and started to walk away as if nothing had happened. At first she was dragging her leg as if the drum was still there and then all of a sudden it was as if she realised that she wasn’t dragging this enormous weight around behind her anymore and she lifted her foot and strode out normally, probably for the first time in a long time. She walked away into the thick crotons, each step better than the previous one

The moral of this story is for people to be aware of what they leave behind in the wilderness. ‘’leave no footprints’’ – our wild animals are at risk. This elephant was lucky to be noticed, but other animals might not.


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