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By Jeroen Shrage

Jeroen Schrage is an upcoming cinematographer from the Netherlands. During his recent road trip in South Africa he used his skill set to capture beautiful shots for his portfolio and turn them into a video presenting South Africa as a land capturing an entire world in itself.

South Africa – A world in one country from Jeroen Schrage on Vimeo.

Jeroen tells the story in his own words:

 For 3 weeks I drove with my aunt 3 600 km in a rental car. We drove all the way from Johannesburg to the Kruger National Park. In the Kruger Park I filmed a lot of wild animals during a few game drives.

Flying with a drone inside the Kruger Park is forbidden so I’ve used a camera stabiliser to get a bit the same effect. Luckily I also spotted an elephant outside the park and was able to take a aerial shots.

When we left the Kruger Park we drove all the way to Oudtshoorn to drive the Garden Route.

During this journey we passed the Karoo and we often stopped near the road to fire up the drone!
Along with the drone I was traveling with 25 kg of camera equipment:

2x tripods
1x camera stabilizer
2x camera’s
2x lenses

And a bag full of batteries, chargers and cables.

photography equipment
My photography equipment ©Jeroen Scharge

When we arrived in Cape Town we did a helicopter flight with the door removed so I was able to make stunning shots of Cape Town with my camera stabiliser on board.

It was so fun to capture South Africa’s nature and animals! In a short 3 weeks just wow!
The landscapes we saw during this 3 600 km road trip were just amazing!

Really! A World In One Country!”

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