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EXTRACT FROM THE FOLLOWING THIRD PARTY SOURCE: Written by: Christian Sperka for Christian Sperka Photography

Removing a snake from a place where it should not be can be a tricky business. And if the snake is a black mamba then it gets extra exciting.

On 26th December I caught the largest black mamba that I have ever seen. This beautiful specimen was rather calm during the capture, and I released it this morning in a remote part of the reserve.

You can watch the relocation in this video:


And then at midday on 27th December I was called to catch another of these fast moving snakes. This one was more ‘feisty’ and was quite agitated during the capture and the release, which you can watch in the following video:


But in the end everything went well and both snakes can now establish their new homes far away from people and buildings.

My favourite shot from the second relocation is the below picture of a ‘black mamba selfie’.

©Jennie Pretorius
©Jennie Pretorius

To find out more about snakes in Africa, read: Snakebite!

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