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Written by: Brett Wild

I have this dream not only to visit and experience truly remote places on this continent, but to fly them as well. I trained up to fly a powered paraglider and after a year I was ready to take my first leap.

After escaping the gruelling Johannesburg traffic, I drove to Namibia and one of the grandest canyons in the world. Remote? Yes, and more expansive than anything you can imagine. You feel your soul shaking off the confines of the city – there’s the ocean, and then there’s the empty expanse of Namibia.

Your vehicle becomes a yacht on this undulating landscape and you see further than your eyes have ever done before. You really don’t need to fly above this to appreciate Namibia and the Fish River Canyon, but I did, and it was wonderful to be released from the confines of city living.

I’m not sure if anyone has flown this way over this canyon before, but being the first one wasn’t the point. To me it was about taking that first leap on my way to fulfilling my dream.

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