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Tuli means ‘dust’ in Setswana. For much of the year the name is very apt – the reserve is starkly beautiful and delivers classic scenes of big skies, rocky outcrops and elephants kicking up dust as the sun sets…


But after some good rains, the Northern Tuli Game Reserve is anything but dusty. In fact, it is transformed into an astonishing floral kingdom.

The entire reserve is literally carpeted in yellow devil’s thorn (Tribulus terrestris) flowers.

tuli-giraffe tuli-lion

On the Tuli kopjes the variety of flowers is absolutely amazing, almost like an alpine meadow.

Winged-seed Sesame (Sesamum alatum)
Winged-seed sesame (Sesamum alatum)
Dwarf morning glory (Evolvulus alsinoides)
Dwarf morning glory (Evolvulus alsinoides)
Yellow mouse-whiskers (Cleome angustifolia)
Yellow mouse-whiskers (Cleome angustifolia)
Karoo violet (Aptosimum lineare)
Karoo violet (Aptosimum lineare)

Not to be outdone are the trees which are also covered in blooms, such as this purple-pod terminalia (Terminalia prunoides).


Well-timed baby animals are popping out everywhere, including the tiniest baby elephant anyone at Tuli can remember seeing.


This floral splendour won’t last long, but for now Tuli isn’t living up to its name at all!


All photos taken at Tuli Safari Lodge, Botswana. With many thanks to a recent guest at Tuli Safari Lodge, Marion Melville, for her assistance in identifying the flowers.

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Tuli is a unique, timeless part of Africa with spectacular wildlife, breath taking landscapes and fascinating history, tucked in the easternmost corner of Botswana. Tuli Safari Lodge offers a relaxing retreat to complement the varied safari adventures in the reserve beyond.