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Buzzword alarm! OK, so a “Native Advert” is loosely defined as where the marketing message is part of the content. And it’s a very important and growing aspect of travel marketing.

In these days of hectic volumes of marketing messages that travellers have to absorb, marketers should always find ways to get their message across in more relaxed environments, in the backwaters of media consumption, where the traveller dwells longer and really absorbs the message. One way to do that is to imbed your message within content that is useful to travellers.

And, #IMHO, the best place to convey useful info to travellers is within blog posts. These blogs could be your own, or those owned by media brands – look for blogs that have high volumes of readers relevant to your travel business.

Here’s an article with a similar message.

Happy blogging. Oh, and here are some tips for blogging from one of my earlier posts.

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I am a proud African, of the digital tribe, and honoured to be CEO of Africa Geographic. My travels in Africa are in search of wilderness, real people with interesting stories and elusive birds. I live in Hoedspruit, next to the Kruger National Park, with my wife Lizz and 2 Jack Russells. When not travelling or working I am usually on my mountain bike somewhere out there. I qualified as a chartered account, but found my calling sharing Africa's incredibleness with you. My motto is "Live for now, have fun, be good, tread lightly and respect others. And embrace change". Connect with me on LinkedIn