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Best Video Clip 2018

Our Best Video Clip 2018 competition has now closed for entries and our judging process has filtered the entries down to the Top 6 clips (below), having last week presented to you our Top 10 clips. We have received some epic video clips that have left us amazed and astounded, and made judging quite the challenge!

One of the video clips below stands the chance to win $500 and be crowned 2018’s Best Video Clip! And another clip (not necessarily featured below) will also win $500 as our ‘Audience Favourite‘, based on the number of votes made by the public.

The winners will be announced on December 31, 2018.

Take a look at our Top 6 Best Video Clip entries below – in no particular order – and vote for your favourite video on our dedicated voting page.

• Baby elephant playing in Kruger National Park, South Africa © Yvette Hes

Comment from the judges:
In a world where most coverage of elephants is about poaching and trophy hunting, this amusing clip is about a baby’s playful innocence and a doting mother’s gently guiding presence. At birth, an elephant’s trunk is short, but it grows rapidly over the next few days. Baby elephants take about six months to master basic use of the trunk, and this youngster has not yet worked out how to drink through his trunk, and so dips his entire head into the water.

• Elephant encounter in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe © Vince Manning

Comment from the judges:
The giant bull elephants that visit the Mana Pools campsites to hoover up the nutritious ana tree/winterthorn seed pods are known for being gentle and relaxed. These campers read the situation well, and allowed this gentle giant to wonder around in search of pods. No aggression is displayed by any party – just tolerance and acceptance. The looks of awe and wonder say it all.

• Dry season crowds at an Etosha waterhole, Namibia © Pieter Botha

Comment from the judges:
This exceptional clip is what ‘slow safari’ is all about – no drama or viral events – just Africa’s wildlife doing its thing. Etosha’s waterholes at the end of the dry winter season are often very busy, but even seasoned safari-goers will be amazed at the sheer volume of wildlife gathered to drink.  

• Five lions fighting in Kruger National Park, South Africa © Jennifer Kucherawy

Comment from the judges:
This brief, powerful clip goes to the core of what big male lions are all about. Far from the dignified Disney characters we were misinformed about as kids, male lions are tough, stoic warriors with a fierce drive to spread their genes, dominate territory and beat the often insurmountable odds of survival in Africa’s wild places.

• Kambula lioness with her six cubs, Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa © Daniel Bailey

Comment from the judges:
This heart-warming clip of a proud lactating lioness leading her six tiny cubs speaks of new life, but also of the immense dangers that these tiny vulnerable bundles of innocence face as they grow up in the bushveld. Lion cubs have a high mortality rate – falling to dangers such as hyenas, snakes, disease, injury, starvation and rival male lions taking over pride territories and in the process killing the cubs.

• Leopard mother and cub playing at Londolozi Private Game Reserve, South Africa © Nick Kleer

Comment from the judges:
This clip has a ‘cuteness alert’ warning label! This tiny leopard cub tests mom’s patience with boundless energy, sharp teeth and rodeo-style antics. Hunting and fighting skills are honed during these important early days, and the cub will move onto stalking insects, birds and other small creatures before being coached onto larger prey species.

The BEST VIDEO CLIP 2018 competition is brought to you by Land Rover South Africa. Winners will be announced on December 31, 2018.

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