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The anticipation of going on a safari is sure to make butterflies go wild in your tummy. Daydreaming of being in the middle of the immense Okavango Delta onboard a mokoro (a dug out canoe), counting elephants in the Chobe or admiring the untouched Kalahari wilderness is a common way for many to prepare for an upcoming trip.

© Dana Allen
© Under One Botswana Sky

However, a little forward planning goes a long way when it comes to making unforgettable safari memories. Glen Stephen from Liquid Giraffe shares his top six Botswana travel tips:

1. On a Botswana safari, travel light and use soft bags, not hard cases. As transfers between camps are by light aircraft, luggage allowances are limited so it is best to pack well and take less than you think. Also, most lodges offer complimentary laundry services so it is easy to reduce the amount of luggage you need.

© Under One Botswana Sky

2. Always make sure you carry extra camera batteries. You can recharge batteries in camps – usually in the camp manager offices – and you never want to be out on a game drive, zooming in on a wild chase, only to find your battery goes flat!

©Beverly Joubert
©Mike Myers

3. It is advisable to carry a course of broad-spectrum antibiotics with you. You never know if you’ll be struck down by an infection, and it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are on medication, make sure you have this with you in your hand luggage. Checked in baggage does occasionally arrive late!

4. If you wear spectacles, it’s always useful to carry a spare set with you in case your first pair breaks in the bush.

5. Another useful addition to your packing list is a certified copy of your passport. It may turn out to be useful to have one at border crossings or at roadblock checks if you do not have your passport handy.

6. Lastly, one essential item for your packing list is a Kenyan kikoi or sarong. This is the most versatile of items. It’s great to keep the sun off your head, the dust out of your mouth and eyes and when wetted, it becomes a perfect cooler, wrapped round your neck, in the hot midday sun!

©Dana Allen
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Liquid Giraffe

Liquid Giraffe is a safari tour company operating out of Maun and was born in 2006 out of seeing journeys of giraffe, galloping gracefully through the shallow waters of the Okavango Delta. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled and personalised booking service for visitors to Botswana and other select African countries.