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This tiny calf, Murit, was rescued out of a well in Namunyak Conservancy, Northern Kenya, by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on the 11th of July.


Murit was spotted by a herder, who reported him to the Kenya Wildlife Service. Murit was extracted from the well at 6pm, too late for our rescue teams to get to him and he spent the night at Namunyak Conservancy. Having not drank anything during the night, he downed two bottles when the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescue team did arrive. He had lots of bruises from the well and a lot of dirt in his eyes.

We received a report from KWS Veterinary officer, Dr. Mathew Mutinda, and were able to mobilize a rescue team to fly to Wamba, where the calf had been taken, and from there, we brought him safely to our Nairobi Nursery.

Early blood works reveal he does have a bacterial infection, most likely the result of ingesting water into his lungs while in the well, so we are medicating him and monitoring him very closely. Further blood tests now show the infection has gone down, which is encouraging news.

Murit is doing well and has already latched onto his Keepers and a comfy blanket, spending his days out with the other Nursery babies in the bush, which is lovely to witness.

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