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The time has come to announce the winner and runners-up of our Best Video Clip of 2019! Our judges had a tough (but enthralling) task of selecting from many fantastic video clips submitted, and chose 63 clips during the weekly ‘best of’ process all of which stood a chance of winning the $500 prize and being crowned 2019’s Best Video Clip!

So without further ado, here are the winner and two highly commendable runners-up!


• Painted wolves (African wild dogs) chase hyenas under game vehicle in epic battle. Filmed in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger, South Africa © Elly Gearing

Comment from the judges:

This dramatic encounter between two mortal enemies had us all on the edge of our seats, and is the deserved winner of our Best Video Clip 2019. Congratulations Elly Gearing, on your spectacular video clip! The seemingly harmless harassment by the numerically advantaged painted wolves (African wild dogs) could turn into a frenzied bloodbath at any second if either of the hyenas were to make a mistake. The juxtaposition of a vehicle full of tourists in the middle of the fray reminds us all that we are all mere bystanders in the drama of Africa’s wild places.

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• Baby elephant tries to drink from muddy water, but has not yet mastered his trunk. Filmed in Mashatu Game Reserve, Tuli Block, Botswana © Peter Reitze

Comment from the judges:

Cuteness overload! This baby elephant’s attempts to drink muddy water from a slippery bank, when he has not yet mastered his trunk, amuses us all. On the other hand this also reminds us of the battle for survival in nature. In the final frames an adult elephant passes behind our little warrior, emphasising how tiny he is. Congratulations to Peter Reitze, a worthy runner-up in Best Video Clip 2019!

• Dwarf mongoose closeup. Filmed in Kapama Game Reserve, South Africa © Ebenezer Rhode

Comment from the judges:

This intimate video of dwarf mongooses enjoying a bit of early-morning sun and going about their busy, fidgety lives reminds us all that a good video does not necessarily have to be about drama or emotion. Congratulations to Ebenezer Rhode, a worthy runner-up in Best Video Clip 2019!

Congratulations to our winner and to the highly commendable runners-up! And thank you to all who entered, it has been an honour judging your fantastic video clips and sharing them with our community.

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