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If you are in the process of planning a vacation to Morocco, then it is important to have your finger on the pulse of the best restaurants and haute cuisine in Marrakech, Fes (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and Essaouira. Eating in Morocco is an experience that is second to none when travellers pair their choice of travel agency with a uniquely Moroccan dining experience and stay in Riads or hotels that have been hand selected by the travel specialists.

The cuisine of Marrakesh, Morocco

Since the early 1990’s Marrakech, Fes and Essaouira have expanded their offerings for foodies and today some of the best cuisine in North Africa can be had in these places. They all boast delightful restaurants, professional chefs and haute cuisine that mélanges (blends) traditional  French and Moroccan cooking styles, plus an atmosphere that is uniquely Moroccan.

Moroccan Modern cuisine is in vogue. If you are planning a vacation here it is best to hit the ground running in the food category and come prepared to eat three and four course meals that are always complimented by fresh mint, sweet and nutty deserts, alongside some of the best local wine and beer.

The cuisine of Marrakesh, Morocco

They say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” so at Travel Exploration Morocco, we say “when in Morocco, do as the Moroccans do.” The best travel agents will always provide you with a detailed list of Riads, restaurants and sightseeing excursions that tempt the senses and offer exploration of mind, heart and pallet.

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Alecia Cohen

Alecia Cohen is an American living in Marrakech, she is also the winner of the 2011 Morocco Travel Blog Awards. 18 years of music magazine publishing and 30 countries later Cohen started a Moroccan travel company with her berber husband Hossaine Amiri. Travel Exploration Morocco offers tailor-made tours to all the best places in Morocco, and Alecia makes sure to blog about it on the way. Cohen is an expert on Moroccan culture and the subject of “world music”. She has lectured World Bank on culture & sustainable development in Africa and hosted New York Times best selling author, Caroline Myss, on a trip to the sacred spaces of Morocco.