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The answer to this week’s #trackitthursday challenge from Tanda Tula is… the warthog! Warthogs are members of the same family as the domestic pig, but clearly look very different. Although warthogs look ferocious with their sharp tusks, they are grazers eating plants and grasses. They are surprisingly quick animals, running at speeds of up to 48 kilometres per hour.


Warthogs are found in most of Africa south of the Sahara and are widely distributed in East Africa. Males can weigh up to 50 pounds more than females, but both are distinguished by disproportionately large heads and the warts-thick protective-pads that appear on both sides of the head.

warthog track

Leopards and lions are the warthogs biggest threat. When attacked, they will flee or slide backwards into a hole. An interesting fact about the warthog – they have poor vision but exceptional smell and hearing.

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