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During a recent visit to South Africa’s Kruger National Park, J.J. Jones spotted a lioness with a snare around her neck. Ms Jones had been watching some elephants at the Thulamela waterhole before driving further up the S98 to the viewpoint. 

Half way there Ms Jones spotted three lions crossing the road. The lioness lay down on a termite mound on the side of road where Ms Jones kept a watchful eye on her.

snare-poaching-lioness lioness-with-a-snare-kruger

Eventually another lion from behind caught her attention and she got up and left. When Ms Jones got back to the reception at the rest camp, she reported the exact location of the lioness but unfortunately SANParks has not found her as ofyet.

SANParks General Manager of Veterinary Wildlife Services, Markus Hofmeyr said that the snare is loose so the lioness is not in any immediate danger. The challenge with attending to snared animals is that the vets have to rush to the scene when the incident is reported and this is dependent on a helicopter availability.

Last week the animal health technician from the State Vet went to Punda Maria to search for the lioness to no avail. Once there is another confirmed sighting of lion, SANParks will try and get someone to the scene.

SANParks has asked for everyone to keep an eye out for the lioness and if you do see her to please call one of these four numbers immediately: 013 735 0197 / 013 735 4325 / 013 735 4234 or  076 801 9679

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