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The day before our planned departure from Dar es Salaam we suffered a huge setback.

Guillaume took a ride to the city centre to give an old man a pair of welding goggles. The man is welding with nothing but an old pair of sunglasses, a recipe popular in Africa but one that will almost certainly blind him eventually. The bike was already packed for our departure so most of our belongings tagged along.

Bagamayo Tanzania I Do Africa

Caught within the human chaos of Dar central, the side panniers of our bike were either cut off or somehow came loose. We lost thousands of rands of cooking equipment and medical kit, leaving us with a headache of a shopping list we couldn’t afford, a bike that wasn’t in the best condition and a poor old man who sadly never got his welding goggles.

We made do with the very bare necessities and decided to leave Dar in our wake, but after about 65km we discovered Bagamoyo, a stunning historical village along the coast. Here we found new cookware, a very Chinese petrol stove to match our very Chinese bike as well as aluminum plates and a pot. We even managed to get a bit of work done on the bike.

Bagamoyo in pictures:

[slickr-flickr tag = “Bagamayo”]

The cost of our new kitchen is less than 10% of our original one and it works even better! We couldn’t have asked for anything more, Bagamoyo has been a godsend. Pole Pole, our 150cc bike, is sadly in a less than perfect condition but our handy Bagamoyo mechanic has assured us it will see us through to our next stop, Mount Kilimanjaro!

Stay tuned for the next update of I Do Africa.


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Dorette and Guillaume de Swardt not only decided to take the leap and get married but, while they were at it, also to cash in their wedding budget, pension and savings, quit their jobs, leave their rented house and follow their dream…to take a trans-African voyage. Their wild idea became even wilder when they decided to do this on their 150cc delivery motorbike… for their honeymoon. After some planning, a lot of scheming and a bit of bargaining, the newlyweds were on their overloaded bike, making their way to Egypt at 85km/h. Their desire for exploration, love of Africa, thirst for new experiences and like-mindedness promises to not only get them through Africa, but to help them find loads of adventure along the way. Visit the I do Africa blog