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Written by: Georgina Lockwood

On the 16th of September whilst self-driving through Kruger, Eshowe residents, Haley Dahl, Yolande Larkan and Delise Powell became apprehensive of four men displaying suspicious behaviour at a black rhino sighting.  Trusting their gut, the women reported the car and followed them which led to the arrest of four poachers and prevented the death of one of Kruger’s endangered black rhinos.

The women were at a lion kill at a waterhole when a black rhino made its way to drink. Next to the ladies’ car was a blue Mazda with four men inside,all of whom, according to Haley,  seemed more interested in the rhino than the lions. The friends became suspicious when the men started taking photographs of the barely-visible rhino and moved off as quickly as the rhino did. With everyone so focused on the lions, no one seemed to notice the men or even the rhino.

Thinking quickly, Haley recorded the car registration and it was by chance that the girls encountered the car again, this time with only two occupants. With their suspicions confirmed they followed the car as they were unable to get cellphone signal to call the anti-rhino poaching hotline. Giving up on the idea of morning coffee with Amarula, Haley and her friends persisted and eventually got hold of the authorities.

Fortunately the men pulled in to a garage near Satara for fuel. Seeing an army truck nearby, the women fled from the car to alert the authorities. The officers reacted quickly, holding the men at gunpoint. They were able to get the two men to disclose were they had dropped their partners off.

All four men where apprehended  and have since then been confirmed as rhino poachers.

As for the ladies that made this all possible, they have been treated to a night in one of Kruger’s luxe lodges for a little rest and relaxation after some outstanding poacher-tracking.

Delise Powell, Haley Dahl, Yolande Larkan © Haley Dahl
Delise Powell, Haley Dahl and Yolande Larkan
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