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Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe Game Reserve were treated to some very interesting and unique predator interaction after leaving a camera trap at a buffalo carcass.

An old buffalo bull died of natural causes about 300 meters from the lodge. Deciding to leave a camera trap monitoring it, we got over 1000 pictures in just under 10 hours.

First to show itself was a young leopard which fed for a while before leaving, followed by a brown hyena shortly afterwards. After that a larger leopard joined the feast. While it was feeding a spotted hyena approached and joined the leopard to feed side by side. Normally different predator species will chase each other off food, but because they were both by themselves they probably worked together to ensure they could get a better meal before larger predators like lions moved in.


During the night we got shots of this leopard feeding with different spotted and brown hyenas with no aggressive behaviour displayed at all.


The only time the leopard moved off the kill was when there was more than one hyena feeding at a time.

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The action had to stop eventually, for the leopards and hyena but not for us as two male lions showed up at 2am and fed for a few hours before dragging the buffalo away from the camera.

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