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Written by: Poulomee Basu

I have wanted to visit Africa for as long as I can remember. As cliché as it sounds, when I think of the beautiful swaying grass and the diverse life that it supports, I can hear David Attenborough’s voice, instantly conjuring up visions of dramatic wildlife encounters.

Amboseli was the first truly wild destination I visited and here I found everything from mighty elephants, to tiny gazelles and lazy lions. The landscapes were also phenomenal, with rich colours for some really amazing photos.


But the elephants quickly became a personal favourite of mine, and this series of images represents a few of the first wildlife photos I ever took, so it is special to me.


I remember sitting outside our beautiful lodge, photographing some baboons, when my husband came running out and screamed: “Why the hell are you photographing baboons when there is a herd of wild elephants just outside?”

No offence to the baboons but I quickly ran in the opposite direction.


I gaped as a huge herd of elephants strolled by. Then came another, then zebras and buffaloes, then more elephants. I was in a trance. It was unbelievable. I felt no camera or lens could ever do justice to the beauty that I was witnessing; but I tried to capture at least some of it for myself.

Elephants Ol-Tukai-Elephants amboseli-Ol-Tukai-Elephants amboseli-Ol-Tukai-Elephant elephant-tusks elephant-at-amboseli
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