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Coming from Zululand you tend to appreciate the value of a good looking cow…

The Caprivi strip in the far north-west corner of Namibia is home to some of the most beautiful cattle you will ever find on the African continent. One or two of the bulls could easily pay the lobola (dowry) for a Zulu maiden on its own.

© Etienne Oosthuizen

The people of this region are so welcoming and hospitable, you wave to the locals and you’re met with a warm smile and the wave is returned. We stopped to play some soccer on the side of the road with a small group of kids, when we left it seemed as if the appreciation from leaving our soccer ball with them was the best gift they had ever had. In urban hubs across the world, you wave at a stranger and you’re met with a blank stare, or sometimes worse. This all got me thinking about what we value in life. I suspect that quite a few people on this rally have not ventured out of their comfort zones before, but encounters like this, and the simple beauty of an Nguni cow, helps give a little perspective on life and changes us for the better.

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Etienne Oosthuizen

I am a professional field guide with an irrepressible enthusiasm for wildlife photography – a born and bred Zimbabwean, I grew up on a tobacco farm where I was exposed to the great outdoors from a young age. Now with more than 10 years guiding experience across 5 countries, and many hours spent behind a camera, I have realised that photography has the potential to become our greatest conservation tool. I now live in Zululand where I work at Thanda Private Game Reserve and am an active member of Project Rhino KZN – dedicated to the protection of South Africa's rhinos.