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Photographer of the Year 2021


Namibia’s successful black rhino custodianship programme

It is 27 years since Namibia decided to re-establish black rhinos in viable herds throughout their former range – including state-protected areas, communal conservancies and private property. Landowners sign an agreement with the state after being assessed, and strict enforcement of management rules and record-keeping are enforced. The result was initial strong growth in populations, followed by an expected plateau as the population stabilised. This report unpacks the challenges and gains of this conservation strategy that includes both photographic tourism and hunting utilisation. Read more: Conservation Frontlines

 China’s ‘wet markets’ vs ‘wildlife markets’

Wet markets are broadly comparable to European farmers’ markets; they stock everything from fruit and veg to fresh meat, seafood to herbs and spices, all on outdoor display. Wildlife Markets are where we see wild animals such as civets, badgers, cats, dogs, wolf pups, bamboo rats and porcupines for sale. Read more: World Economic Forum

 Great apes and COVID-19

Both great ape research and tourism have allowed people to learn about chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans, and to observe them up close. Great ape tourism also serves as an important source of revenue for governments and communities, and a significant proportion of this income is reinvested in the protection of endangered species and their natural habitats. However, infectious diseases such as COVID-19, caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus, are a significant concern for great ape conservation. Read more: UN Environment Programme

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Photographer of the Year 2021
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