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Huge quantities of bushmeat passes through Brussels Airport each year

Each year, 44.4 tons of meat from domestic and wild animals brought in from West and Central Africa passes through Brussels National Airport, according to research conducted. Only meat imported illegally by passengers and intercepted by customs at Brussels Airport is covered by the research and estimates. Wild species identified in the research include pangolins, baboons, monkeys, antelopes and reptiles; and samples tested were found to be positive for a carrier of the African swine virus in addition to bacteria that can cause gastro-enteritis problems. Read more: The Brussels Times

China provinces offer wildlife farmers cash to stop

Farmers in two central Chinese provinces are being offered cash to quit breeding exotic animals as pressure grows to crack down on the illegal wildlife trade that has been blamed for the coronavirus outbreak. The aim of the exercise is to help farmers switch to alternative livelihoods. Read more: Bangkok Post

 Wildlife at risk as hunger encircles Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is being encircled by a ring of human hunger triggered in part by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Mozambican and Zimbabwean regions that border the park on the north and east are suffering acute food shortages. Meanwhile, the labour-intensive tourism sector on the South African side of the park has collapsed. Read more: Daily Maverick

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