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We featured Sharon Pincott’s conservation work with the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe in our March 2011 magazine. Sharon recently released a second book about her ongoing work, titled Battle for the President’s Elephants. Her courageous battles are ongoing. She is currently wrestling against mining proposals within the key home-range of the Presidential Elephants.

Add to that her fight to see no female elephants on approved sport-hunting quotas, in surrounding hunting areas. This combined with some of the worst water levels that Sharon has seen; 2012 proving to be an awful drought year for the wildlife in Hwange. And most heart-wrenching of all, right now, Presidential Elephants continue to suffer horrific snare wounds.

Bitman is a 13 year old male elephant in the ‘B’ Presidential family. Earlier this week Sharon called for a darter to assist Bitman, who had been seen wandering with a horribly grotesque snare wound on his front right leg. The photograph emphasizes the shocking scenario. It is one seen all too often in the course of Sharon’s daily patrols.

Presidential Elephants, Zimbabwe
Snare wound: this week Sharon was called to dart and de-snare Bitman, a 13-year-old male elephant. The removal was successful and Sharon was unable to find him this week, which could be a sign that he is able to walk a bit better now.
© Sharon Pincott

Working full-time on a completely voluntary basis for the past 11 years, in addition to remaining primarily self-funded, financial help is now needed, initially to source an additional dart gun and drugs as well as adequate diesel to enable more wide-spread vehicle patrols and monitoring.

If you can help, please contact Sharon via her website.  Select the ‘contact’ tab on the home page.

Sharon Pincott
Sharon Pincott

To acquaint yourself with this incredibly unique clan of wild African elephants – some of whom Sharon has a remarkably intimate relationship with – and to better understand some of her ongoing challenges, purchase a copy of Battle for the President’s Elephants from bookshops throughout South Africa, and internationally from sites like and also (which offers free world-wide delivery). Your own voice may be needed in the future to help conserve these gentle giants of the Hwange veld, so go ahead and enlighten yourself today. These long-suffering elephants will be most grateful.

Front cover: Battle for the President’s Elephants
Back cover: Battle for the President’s Elephants
















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