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Melissa Bachman has sparked international outrage after posting a picture on social media, boasting publicly about killing a magnificent male lion in the Maroi Conservancy in South Africa.


Melissa, who describes herself as a hardcore huntress posted the picture of herself smiling with the dead lion, claiming she stalked within 60 yards of the magnificent male. Melissa’s fans greeted the photo with admiration claiming: “That’s my hero”, “Fricken Awesome”, “You are the girl” and “That’s my favourite huntress” amongst others, but the general public has showed anger and a deep sadness and disbelief at the picture on social media.

South African celebrities have also taken to social media channels showing their disgust at Melissa’s actions with Jeremy Mansfield posting the comment: “What a good-looking hunter! What a magnificent body. What a perfect face. Absolutely beautiful. The other is a #@$! with a telescopic rifle”, while Ben Trovato, aka The Whipping Boy, released a very tongue-in-cheek open letter to Melissa.

South Africans are streaming to sign a petition that calls on the government to ban Melissa Bachman from ever entering South Africa again. The petition has already received more than 83 000 signatures, while the Facebook group “Stop Melissa Bachman” has over 60 000 supporters.

This is not the first time a petition has been held against the notorious “huntress”, with National Geographic removing her as a contestant from their “Ultimate Survival Alaska” series in 2012.

Her twitter account has seen since been protected and her website appears to have been taken down, while fans of the controversial TV presenter are still showing support for Melissa on her YouTube channel and Facebook account.

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