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Each day in the African wilderness there is a new story to tell or lesson to be learned. A few weeks ago guests and guides at Robin Pope Safaris watched a hyena learn the hard way to never mess with a wild dog’s breakfast and this week we discovered that the lions of South Luangwa love literature – specifically the ladies.

But the scene for this bush tale didn’t happen inside of the South Luangwa National Park like most of Robin Pope Safaris’ do. It happened smack dab in the middle of camp. Guests at Tena Tena surprisingly stumbled across a pair of lionesses relaxing in the shade in front of their luxury safari tent after they had wandered into the area.


As if it wasn’t exciting enough, one of them decided to catch up on some ‘light’ reading under the comfy spot underneath the shaded trees. Swiftly making herself at home, she removed the copy of Safari Dreaming from the nearby coffee table.


Very carefully, the lioness took the book onto the beach where she decided to flick, lick, and chew through all the pages. Safari dreaming she was.


Needless to say, one of the guides was asked to inspect the surrounding area of the tent before the guests returned, and to retrieve what was left of the book, to ensure there were no more lions lurking around, looking for literature. The Tena Tena library is one book down, but another incredible safari story was gained; one that can be told at the bar over an ice-cold beer or gin and tonic for many years to come.


The moral of this story? The ladies of South Luangwa with four paws and tail love a good book just like the rest of us!

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