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During a recent trip to Kenya’s Maasai Mara we had some spectacular encounters with lions.

The first encounter happened on Paradise Plain where we can across four male lions, also known as the four musketeers; Scarface, Hunter, Sikio and Morani. These four lions are the dominant lions in the area. When we spotted them Hunter was mating. After he had finished with his mate, the lioness walked toward a bush where Sikio was lying. When the lioness approached Sikio, Hunter rushed toward his brother and attacked him. They proceeded to fight for several minutes before backing down, leaving both lions with serious wounds.

lions-fighting lions-battle lion-fight lions Combat-lions

Our second magical lion encounter at the Maasai Mara involved a flying lioness at Musiara Marsh. Three lionesses were badgering a buffalo at the waterhole when suddenly the boldest lioness attempted a dramatic leap at the buffalo. The buffalo started to run tailing a flying lioness behind. Luckily the lioness was not hurt and the buffalo managed to escape into deeper waters that the lionesses did not want to cross into.

Lions-VS-Buffalo Lioness-VS-Buffalo Lioness-VS-Buff Lion-VS-Buff
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Laurent and Dominique

Laurent Renaud and Dominique Haution are teachers and photographers living in northern France. They first discovered Africa in 1982 and have returned every year since to photograph African wildlife. Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa are their favourite countries. They regularly accompany travel groups on their voyage of discovery through the wonderful continent of Africa characterised by such a wide variety moods and character, sharing their passion for wildlife and photography along the way. Together with friend Bertrand Martel they have published three photographic books on Kenya, Botswana and Tanzania. The first one on Kenya – Wild open spaces in Samburuland – has been awarded best photographic book of the year. Like them on Facebook or visit their website to see more.