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Zambia heaves with wonderful wildlife action all-year-round. From rare wild dogs to lustrous lions, gracious antelope and much more, the wild Luangwa inhabitants can’t stop showing off for safari visitors.

Liquid Giraffe asked Shenton Safaris’ Kaingo Camp what their favourite recent sightings in South Luangwa are. There were many to choose from, but it was the spotty, sharp-clawed and bright-eyed beauties of the bush that took the spotlight.


The camp’s resident leopards, Malaika (‘beautiful one’) and her daughter Chiphadzuwa (‘brighter than the sun’), were frequently seen out to play in all their furry glory leading up to the rainy season.


Malaika is a very skilful hunter and was often spotted with a variety of kills, ranging from puku (a medium-sized antelope found in wet grasslands in Zambia) to baboon. Chiphadzuwa is also starting to learn the vital skills of hunting, and managed to bring down baby bushbuck and puku.


Malaika (the 4-year-old mother leopardess) is a firm favourite amongst the Kaingo guests, as she does not mind posing for the camera. Her daughter, Chiphadzuwa, tends to get a little grumpy when faced with game viewers filled with photographers. Such different characters!


Another wild, gracious predator that was out to impress the recent South Luangwa visitors was a young male leopard that killed a baby bushbuck. The youngster eagerly dragged his kill onto a tree branch. But, to his annoyance, a pride of lions happened to see the kill and corner him up in the tree, tauntingly waiting for him at the base.


The leopard had to patiently wait for the lions to leave. He was then finally able to make a successful escape.

lions leopard-with-kill

From exceptional hunting skills to beautiful poses, leopards seem to have stolen the show during game drives in South Luangwa recently. These wonderful characters of the wild are a favourite of ours too.


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