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On a recent trip to Etosha National Park in Namibia I found a Leopard resting in the shade close to a waterhole and decided to hang around in the hope of her hunting Springbok or other antelope at the waterhole.

After about two hours I noticed some movement in the water and so did the Leopard. She went to investigate and suddenly took a dive and pulled out a mating pair of Terrapin from the water. This was a first for me and also a highlight in my photographic career and I would like to share the sequence of images with you. Enjoy.

All photographs © Hendri Venter.

Africa Geographic Travel

Growing up on a farm, Hendri Venter has been enchanted by wildlife and the natural world from a young age. As a child he would often go off exploring either on horse-back or by foot. It was these experiences that shaped his amazement and love of wildlife and the outdoors. Then he picked up a camera and discovered that he could capture nature’s magic on film. He has never looked back. He now works as a wildlife photographer in Africa.