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two lions near a car in Kruger National Park
Visitors to Kruger should ensure that their windows remain closed when coming across lions in close proximity © SANParks

Press release by South African National Parks

The Kruger National Park (KNP) Management has received reports of a pride of lions north of Satara which are showing abnormal behaviour around vehicles such as the biting of tyres. Visitors who come across lions displaying such behaviour should ensure that their windows remain closed and those on Open Safari Vehicles should ensure that that they remain silent and keep all arms, heads, etc. within the structure of the vehicle.

Appealing to the public, the KNP Managing Executive, Glenn Phillips said “We have received information from various tourists who have witnessed this behaviour. We would like to appeal to the open safari vehicle operators specifically to be on the look-out as the behaviour of the pride is of concern and might pose danger to occupants”.

Veterinary Wildlife Services will be collaring a member of this pride to monitor movements and will also mark all members of the pride to allow for identification. Guests who might have taken photos/video or have feedback on the pride are encouraged to share or post these on our social media platforms; so that management are in a position to try to identify whether it is only a specific member of the pride or whether the entire pride has developed this behaviour. Guests are requested to photograph the lions in such a way to capture branding marks or ear notches.

“We also request visitors not to get too close to any animals for footage at a sighting, or refrain from placing any items on the vehicle exterior or tyres which might attract and encourage animals to approach the vehicle,” concluded Phillips.

Visitors can also report these to the Emergency Call Centres on 013-735-4064 / 013-735-0197 / 076-801-9679.

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