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Kite surf around the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius in this wet n’ wild week-long water sport event.

Kiteival invites riders to kite around the fringe of the Mauritian island in an event staged across five days.  The festival brings together amateur and pro-surfers from across the world, and culminates in a weekend competition held at the northern bay of Anse la Raie. The event is open to anyone with average skills although you should feel confident riding among others, up and downwind.

A team of passionate Mauritians will guide the kite-train and a boat will follow for safety support and to transport photographers. Picnic lunches will be served either on islands along the way, or along the coastline, depending on the lay of the land. The final competition involves a friendly format of racing, wave riding, and freestyle, as well as showcasing pro-demonstrations.

Travel info

 When: Every year in mid-August

Where: Indian Ocean, Mauritius.

Contact: Nico Kux, Kiteival organiser. Email, web.

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