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To spend 8 hours a day driving through some of the most beautiful and un-spoilt terrain in Africa is such a privilege.

To watch animals play out their daily lives as if you were not even there is thrilling. As a guide you get to see things most people dream about, things not written in field books or behavioural studies. It is for this reason that I wish to share my world with you –  a world filled with adventure, excitement and daily experiences out in the African wild.

Marlon du Toit Singita Kruger National Park

To get out on foot is one way of experiencing the bush out here. You see small things that go unnoticed when you buzz around on the back of a Land Rover. You also hear things you would never have heard, from bird calls to the alarming of impalas in the distance. To be on foot introduces you to a whole new world as you get up close to rhinos and elephants. In fact, I just had the most incredible experience today with 5 of my guests. After walking for more than an hour we came upon some fresh elephant tracks and dung. I knew they had to be close and I was on high alert. Once you are away from the vehicle you are completely exposed to nature’s elements and you need to draw on your past experiences to get you out of tricky situations. Today was one of those days. A large herd of elephant appeared out of nowhere and I found myself and my guests way too close to them for comfort. Fortunately I had the wind in my favour and the elephants could not smell our presence. I signaled to my guests to move to the relative safety of higher ground and we observed them for a while as they slowly moved away. It is experiences like these that leave you speechless and wanting more.


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Marlon du Toit

An adventurous person by nature, Marlon has been immersed in Africa and its beauty from a young age. Growing up alongside the Kruger exposed him to the wonders of nature and has since crafted his passion for guiding and photography. As a Field Guide at Singita Sabi Sand, Marlon specialises in connecting travellers with the secret lives of some of the most amazing creatures in the wild.