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Shenton Safaris

Written by: Josephat Mansoni

This June I was with guests on a Kafunta Safaris game drive in South Luangwa National Park in an area known as Wakumba. We were enjoying our morning, seeing all sorts of wildlife, and my guests were keen photographers so we stopped frequently.

We stopped to take photos of some impalas when two wild dogs came out of nowhere and starting chasing them. We were caught by surprise. The dogs headed south and before we could follow them the rest of the pack, consisting of 12 more dogs, arrived on the scene. The first two dogs had a good head start but we tried to follow the pack and could hear the first dogs calling them.

We eventually caught up with the first two wild dogs just after they had killed an impala, but we weren’t the only onlookers as we had coincidentally timed our arrival with a group of about eight hyenas.

All of a sudden complete mayhem broke out as the hyenas quickly got hold of the kill. But when the rest of the wild dog pack arrived, they all tried to get their precious meal back. They managed to split the hyenas up and were snarling at them and even trying to bite them, but the hyenas were fighting back.
In the meantime some of the hyenas managed to finish off the small impala so the fight eventually died down. The dogs moved off into the shade, and my guests and I left this incredible sighting after almost half an hour of pure excitement in the bush!
Shenton Safaris
Kafunta Safaris

Kafunta Safaris is a safari operator in South Luangwa, Zambia, offering exceptional services at their three camps. A combined stay at Kafunta River Lodge and Island Bush Camp offers an intimate and authentic safari experience to accompany the renowned wilderness and spectacular wildlife of South Luangwa National Park.