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While the Luangwa may be famous for its leopard population, we are currently inundated with wild dogs…not that anyone’s complaining about it! It even seems as though the dogs are attempting to ’outperform’ each other as almost every game drive has included phenomenal sightings of them and every sighting seems to have been even more exciting than the previous one. Talk about safari show-stoppers!


Recently, we had a group of guests return to Nkwali Camp from their morning game drive in a buzz of excitement. They announced that they had just witnessed the most spectacular event. Whilst out and about in the reserve, Robin Pope Safaris‘ guide, Jacob spotted a pack of wild dogs that appeared to have just killed and eaten the most part of a rather large male impala.

The guests arrived on the scene after the initial frenzy but it didn’t take long for things to escalate again. Just moments later, a pack of five hyenas burst onto the scene and chaos ensued. The hyenas were after what little was left of the impala and, despite their full bellies, the wild dogs weren’t having any of it!


Teeth bared and snarling, the hyenas did their best to snatch scraps of the carcass while the wild dogs attempted to fight them off, sending dust flying and making it nearly impossible to decipher exactly what was going on.

wild-dog-takes-on-hyena Dog-with-a-bone

Obviously not in the mood for sharing, the wild dogs grabbed their leftovers and made a run for it with the hyenas in hot pursuit, trying to snatch various bits and pieces from the chattering dogs.


This intense confrontation lasted a good twenty minutes before things started to calm down again, leaving the guests and Jacob agape as to what they’d just witnessed and leaving the rest of us green with safari envy.

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