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Dereck Joubert is the co–creator of the extraordinary Rhinos without Borders campaign. He explains how everyone can join the campaign and help save the rhino this World Rhino Day.

“I am not sure the word celebration and rhinos can be used on the same sentence without it sticking in one’s throat but on World Rhino Day, Great Plains Conservation, Beverly, my wife and I, and all our staff and friends, stand alongside the global protest for them. Without rhinos, and other threatened species such as elephants and of course lions, whole ecosystems will collapse. This is why we have taken the steps to move 100 rhinos to safe havens in Botswana. Every effort should be made to get behind saving these key species from imminent extinction,” says Joubert.


The Rhinos Without Borders project aims to translocate 100 rhinos to safe havens in Botswana next year. Their crowd-funding campaign at has raised over US$200 000 so far from more than 1000 contributors – that’s four rhinos saved! For just US$15 you could be helping to save rhino while also sitting back and watching one of the Jouberts award-winning films that come as a reward for this donation. Its a win for rhinos and its a win for you!

You can also get involved by joining the origami army when you donate just US$1 on the Trevolta campaign! Origami selfies are still pouring in from around the world tagged with #RhinosWithoutBorders #RhinoMove #RhinoFriday and there will be a prize for the best one posted! Spread the world about the campaign and have some fun.


Another way to help this unique project raise money this World Rhino Day is by getting your limited edition T-shirts commissioned specifically for #RhinosWithoutBorders. They come in a multitude of colours, sizes and male and female cuts starting from only US$24 (US$8 per item will go to #RhinosWithoutBorders). These T-Shirts will only be AVAILABLE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY.  Available from on Monday, September 22 (MST 9am), in honour of World Rhino Day.


Starting on World Rhino Day, the Great Plains Foundation will also be donating its revenue for each booking made that day at their award winning camps in Botswana directly to Rhinos Without Borders!  

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