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In late January of 2012, the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve and the surrounding area was hit by one of the biggest floods ever recorded in the region. Tanda Tula, a safari camp in the Timbavati, recorded rainfall figures of nearly 400mm in less than 48 hours, resulting in severely limited access and some flood damage to the camp (over the period of a year the camp normally averages approximately 400mm to 500mm of rainfall!).

However, the camp was very fortunate considering what happened to other lodges in the greater Kruger area. Since then, all lodges, home owners and businesses have become even more cautious when it comes to excess rainfall.

The rainfall during the summer of 2013/2014 has been fairly moderate, until earlier this week. Rivers in the Timbavati which are dry beds for 99% of the year, have begun to flow following recent rainfalls. Access into various camps in the Timbavati involves crossing these dry riverbeds, so the flowing rivers have presented a number of challenges to guests trying to get in and out of the camps.

As challenging as this may seem, these rivers certainly add an element of adventure and excitement, especially for those visiting the bush for the very first time. However, the trained rangers and trackers know exactly how to handle such situations and ensure guests arrive safely in camp, albeit a little damp.

It is only a matter of time before the rivers subside and everything returns to normal. There are very few dull moments in African bush life!

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Shenton Safaris
Tanda Tula

Located in the Timbavati Nature Reserve, Kruger National Park. Tanda Tula Safari Camp features 12 luxury tents nestled in riverine forest overlooking a riverbed while the Tanda Tula Field Camp is an exclusive use 4 tented walking safari camp, modelled on the early explorer camps with modern comfort. The Tanda Tula camps are owner-managed.